Covid-19: Servicing and MOT's on your Car

March 24, 2020

Updates from the Prime Minister are coming every day now and Monday night's was the most severe yet.

There are more practical concerns for people who have been told to stay indoors, in terms of the likes of keeping there car maintained and MOT Tests. Many with MOTs scheduled are curious as to whether garages are still open and whether MOTs have been cancelled due to coronavirus.

Are MOT Tests and Services cancelled due to coronavirus?

No, on Monday, 23th March, 2020, the government website stated that all MOT tests for cars, motorcycles and light vans are currently under review. Vehicle approval tests are suspended for up to 3 months due to coronavirus, but they are different to MOTs.

What to do if you have an MOT or Service scheduled

The government website had limited information on that front, as of Tuesday, 24th March, 2020. All it said to do was to check back on the website for updates.

With the situation under review, perhaps something will change in the coming days. If you have any due Servicing or MOT Tests coming up, we can only urge you to Book them in as early as possible, rescheduling is also available.

Can garages stay open during coronavirus?

Yes. Garages, petrol stations and car rentals are among those which will be permitted to remain open despite the stricter measures from the Prime Minister. We are determined to keep our services open to the public and to support NHS and Key Workers, it is important they are able to drive to and from work in order to save peoples lives during this crisis.

Contact us if you have any concerns about your booked service on 023 9257 1900.